Orientation Leaders: Sophs

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Being a soph is definitely far from easy; it requires you to be compassionate, resilient, and dedicated. But all the hard work is well worth it when you consider all of the connections that you will make and the positive impact that you are having on the university experience of first years. “ 

– OC Soph 2021-22

The Friendly Faces Of The Orientation Program!

 Sophs are Western’s beloved Orientation Leaders who help welcome new students and provide an orientation to campus life. Sophs volunteer their time as spirit leaders, peer mentors, and campus guides to help integrate new students to the University’s social and academic environments. They aim to be one of the first friends you make on campus, chosen to welcome new students because of their Western pride and care for the student experience. Sophs model academic determination, encourage healthy lifestyles, and promote positive perspectives.

Sophs are an integral part of a students’ OWeek experience. Students have indicated that the relationships built with their Sophs, the relationships Sophs helped facilitate, and the knowledge the Sophs possess were some of the most helpful and enjoyable aspects of OWeek. Students have reported that their Sophs made them feel safe, supported, and welcomed at Western. After OWeek, Sophs maintain regular contact with first-year students, participate in programming, and offer ongoing referral assistance to campus and community resources. The connections students make with their Sophs are special to Western’s OWeek program, and often continue into the latter years of students’ university careers.

If we could sum it up in one sentence, Sophs are meant to be the easiest friend one could make, and the hardest to let go! 

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