Frequently Asked Questions

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Students are not permitted to bring any personal items (bags, etc.) to events other than medical supplies (Insulin, EpiPens, etc.) and an empty water bottle to use at our water stations.

We encourage all incoming students to connect with your Sophs, review all the available programming throughout the week, and attend as many events as you can! Throughout the week, you will meet an abundance of like-minded, welcoming people eager to connect. Together, you will have fun, make memories, and be well on your way to making Western feel like home.

Orientation Week is a busy week! You are not obligated to participate in every event, but we do encourage you to make the most of it! 

Take the time that you need to practice a healthy, balanced lifestyle throughout the entirety of the week so that you are setting yourself up for success for your first week of classes. Get the rest you need, eat regular meals, and drink lots of water! 

Don’t forget, your Sophs will be there to support you throughout the entire week – if you need any support, advice, or access to resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them. 

All Orientation Week events will be posted on the USC Now app. Students are encouraged to check the app regularly for updates or changes in programming (rain venues). Additionally, students are encouraged to ask their student leaders about programming (Sophs, Dons). 

Students are encouraged to check the weather and dress appropriately for the day. Western provides some t-shirts intended to be worn throughout OWeek (specific shirts for specific days), however, these articles of clothing are not mandatory. Dress whatever way makes you comfortable.

Our goal is that you experience a smooth transition into your academic life here at Western. As such, Orientation Programming is scheduled around class times. Classes begin on Thursday, September 5th and students will be expected to attend all scheduled classes for the remainder of the week.

During Orientation Week, our campus commits to exclusively hosting substance-free programming. This means students and volunteers will not be permitted to possess or engage in the consumption of any substances (including alcohol and cannabis products). This commitment is made intentionally to encourage the creation of safe and welcoming spaces, while fostering authentic connections.