Canada’s Best OWeek Experience

The Orientation Pass (OPass) is a new student’s ticket to OWeek and grants access to all the fun events. The OPass also covers exclusive constituency merchandise and swag. For almost all incoming students, the OPass fee is automatically included in your tuition. Students who do not have the OPass automatically added to their accounts may still be eligible to attend OWeek. Western will send an email to all eligible students mid-August with information on where/when/how you can opt-in.

What is an OPass

An Orientation Pass (better known as an OPass) is your ticket to all of the OWeek excitement.

In addition to other goodies, this year’s Western’s OPass will take the form of bracelets and digital tickets for in person events, and access to digital events via our OWeek app platforms.

How do I get an OPass?

For some students, the OPass fee is automatically assessed as a student fee on their tuition bill, while other students have to opt-in to the OPass.

Some of the main categories of students that are not automatically assessed, but are still eligible to participate in O-Week include:

  • Fanshawe-Western Collaborative Nursing Students
  • Transfer Students
  • Exchange Students
  • Western English Language Centre (WELC) Students
  • Visiting Students that aren’t coded as First-Year
  • Advanced-Standing Students entering Upper-Year with permission
  • Part-time (less than 3.5 credits)
  • Late Admission Students (January 2020)

Don’t worry! Even if you haven’t been automatically assessed the fee, you’re still eligible to participate in Western’s OWeek. The students listed above, along with other new-to-Western undergraduate students who have not been assessed the Orientation Fee, just have to buy their OPass when they arrive on campus.

How do I know if I’ve been assessed the OPass fee?

If you’re on main campus there are two ways you can check. To confirm that you have not already been assessed the fee as part of your tuition, you can visit Student Centre (, look under “Detailed Statement of Account” and find “Orientation Fee” under the “Ancillary Fees” heading.

If you do not see the OPass fee in your Ancillary fees OR you chose to opt-out of the OPass previously and now want to opt-in, you can purchase an OPass prior to OWeek on campus.

The OPass Room is located in University Community Centre on the main floor at The InfoSource. Please bring your student card, or government issued photo ID and know your student number. Hours for the room this upcoming Orientation Week are below:


OPass Opt-In Hours

Friday, September 3rd  2:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday September 4th  2:00pm – 7:00pm
Sunday September 5th  2:00pm – 7:00pm
Monday September 6th  9:00am – 11:00pm

Note for Affiliate University College Students…

Huron University College Students 

Huron students who would like to opt-out of the OPass can do so through this form:

Brescia University College Students  

Brescia students who would like to opt-out of the OPass can do so through this link:

Note: If you are not eligible for the OPass, or have opted out but changed your mind, you can opt-in by completing the form at

King’s University College Students  

King’s students who would like to opt-out of the o-Pass can do so through this link:

How much does an OPass cost?

The cost of purchasing an OPass is $120.00 + HST for all new main campus students. 

What if I don’t purchase an OPass? 

The purchase of an OPass is not mandatory; however, students who have Opted-Out or who choose not to Opt-In will not receive a wristband or be able to view exclusive digital content on Socio and Mixr. 

How do I pick up my OPass if was assessed the Orientation Fee

Details are still being finalized. Check back here regularly for updates.

What if I lose or break my wristband? 

A student can present their broken wristband to receive a free replacement. Students who lose their wristband can receive a replacement so long as they present student ID. No further replacements for lost wristbands will be possible. 

Wristband replacement takes place in the UCC, Rm. 269A during operational hours as listed in the Opt-In information section 

I did not receive appropriate merchandise. Will I receive a refund? 

All merchandise is first come, first serve. The OPass is much more than the merchandise that accompanies it; it represents a crucial week of transition into the university environment and opportunities to make important social and academic connections.  

I am a virtual student and did not receive merchandise. Will I receive a refund? 

Virtual students will receive a merchandise voucher to the Purple Store (Main Campus), The Bottega (Brescia), or King’s Connection (King’s) in lieu of not receiving OWeek branded t-shirts. 


I want to participate, but the OPass fee represents a significant barrier to me. Is there financial help available? 

The USC Orientation Staff recognizes that transitioning to Western University comes with financial barriers. This OPass Financial Accommodation Form is meant to make participating in Orientation Week more financially accessible to our incoming First Year Students. While we would like to financially support all of our First Year Students, our oPass Subsidy Fund for the year is limited and it is not guaranteed that you will receive any or all of the funding requested. If you have any additional questions, please contact Maddie Osborne, Vice President of Student Support and Programming at for more information. 


Is there anything else I should know?

Please note that while these student groups are welcomed – and encouraged – to participate in Orientation Week, some rare individual exceptions to eligibility may apply (ex. if you have previously studied at Western University).

If you have any other questions about opting into Orientation Week, please contact

Once again, welcome to Western and see you soon!

– Orientation Staff