Canada’s Best OWeek Experience

The Orientation Pass (OPass) is a new student’s ticket to OWeek and grants access to all the fun events. The OPass also covers exclusive constituency merchandise and swag. For almost all incoming students, the OPass fee is automatically included in your tuition. Students who do not have the OPass automatically added to their accounts may still be eligible to attend OWeek. Western will send an email to all eligible students mid-August with information on where/when/how you can opt-in.


The OPass fee is TBD and will be posted on incoming students’ “Detailed Statement of Account” by early July. Incoming students can check to see if they have been assessed the OPass fee by logging on to Student Center (  

The Orientation Pass fee is automatically added to your tuition if you meet these criteria:

  • Western or King’s campus
  • First Year
  • New to Western
  • Full-time (3.5 or more credits)
  • Enrolled in a course

The following new-to-Western students may be eligible to opt-in to the OPass fee:

  • Fanshawe-Western Collaborative Nursing Students
  • Transfer Students
  • Exchange Students
  • ELC Students
  • Visiting Students not coded as First-Year
  • Advanced-Standing Students entering Upper-Year with permission
  • Part-time (less than 3.5 credits)
  • January Admission Students

Opt-Out Information

The opt-out deadline is Friday, August 14th. More information will be posted here in July about the contents of the OPass fee and how a student can opt-out.

For King’s students, please notify by August 14th to request an opt-out.