What is OWeek and when is it? 

Orientation Week 2018 runs Sunday, September 2 to Saturday, September 8 and takes place during the first week of the fall term to ease the transition for incoming students when they arrive at Western. During OWeek, students will have the opportunity to become familiar with campus services and resources, meet their peers and faculty, prepare for classes, and adjust to university life.

What events are happening during OWeek?

There are a ton of events happening during OWeek all around campus. Many of our residence based events happen early in the week to help students get acquainted with their residence or off-campus community. Later in the week during faculty day events, students are able to meet the students and faculty in their program while getting a better understanding of academic life at Western.

Each night there will be evening programming, such as Opening and Closing Ceremonies, our One-Love rally, OServes day of volunteering in the community. Check back later in the summer for more event announcements and details!

What is a Soph? How do I meet my Soph? 

Sophs are upper-year students from a residence, faculty, or Affiliate College who act as mentors throughout OWeek and the academic year. Each student will be paired with a Soph through their residence and faculty who they will meet during OWeek. Their role is to help students feel comfortable at Western and help them become familiar with the resources and support there is on and off campus. 

I’m living Off-Campus –when does OWeek start? 

Students living off-campus can collect their OPass on Monday September 3, 2018 in the University Community Centre. On that day you’ll be able to meet other Off-Campus students as well as your Off-Campus and Faculty Sophs as they help you start getting familiar with Western. 

I’m a new international student at Western – I’ll be busy settling into London / Canada when I arrive, should I make time to participate in Orientation Week?

Yes, all new students at Western are strongly encouraged to participate in OWeek. OWeek is a unique opportunity to meet other Western students from around the world, learn about campus, and make friends as soon as you arrive. Participating in OWeek will allow you to expand your social circle and build a support network that will help you as you transition to life here at Western and in Canada. 

Can I get updated on Social Media

Get regular updates, check in, and stay in the loop through our Facebook event

What is an OPass? 

Having an OPass will allow you to gain access to all the events going on during Western’s Orientation Week. Most incoming students will not have to buy an Orientation Pass (OPass) because it is included in their tuition under “Orientation Fee.” 

How do I make sure I’ve payed for the OPass? 

A tuition statement will be available to incoming students at the beginning of July if they have registered themselves in at least one course. 

To ensure that your Orientation Fee is covered in your Tuition, log into Student Centre (student.uwo.ca), look under Detailed Statement of Account, and find Orientation Fee under the Ancillary Fees Heading. 

While it’s recommended that you confirm your student fees by checking your Student Centre account, there are a few student groups that typically are not automatically assessed the Orientation Fee: 

* Fanshawe-Western Collaborative Nursing Students 

* Transfer students 

* Exchange students 

* Visiting students who have not been coded as first year 

* Advanced standing students entering upper-year with permission 

Don’t worry, you’re still eligible to participate in OWeek! If the Orientation Fee has not been charged to your Tuition, you will need to Opt-In to receive an OPass for Orientation Week. The students above and any other eligible students whom have not been assessed the Orientation Fee are welcome to opt-in, by buying a pass either at their residence on move-in day.  

Students living off campus can opt in in room 269A in the University Community Centre throughout the week. Check back here for updates on the hours of the Off Campus opt in room. 

How do I get my OPass? 

Students that have paid their Orientation Fee can collect their OPass in their residence on their designated move-in day. Students living off-campus can collect their OPass on Monday September 3, 2018 in the University Community Centre. 

How do I Opt-Out of the OPass 

By Opting-Out of the OPass fee you will not be able to participate in Orientation Week. If you are a first year/new to Western student, who will be automatically assessed the OPass fee, and you do not wish to participate in Orientation Week, you are eligible to opt out of the program.

You can opt-out through the following link in early July http://westernusc.ca/o-pass-opt-out/

The deadline to opt out is scheduled for August 15, 2018. 

Note: Brescia students will not be able to opt-out using the link above. Brescia will email all students with an alternative opt-out link.

What if I have more questions? 

If you have questions about Orientation you can contact orientation@uwo.ca 

For more information on residence move-in, placements, and important dates please visit https://residence.uwo.ca/