Charity & OServes

Charity Sophs are responsible for planning, executing, and promoting philanthropic events to incoming students and Sophs. Their goal is to empower students to volunteer with local organizations and participate in the London community. One of the biggest events they organize is Orientation Serves. 

Orientation Serves (OServes) connects Western to volunteering opportunities in the London Community. Incoming students and their Sophs spend the Saturday afternoon (Sept. 7) working in the community, alongside and supporting the great work happening at non-for profits in the London region. Students assist these organizations, learn about their efforts and give back to the community all while getting the chance to bond with their fellow incoming students. Students will be exposed to the critical issues that exist in London and society including physical and mental health, environment, poverty, and more. 

Over the past two years, Western students have raised over 12,000 hours of volunteering through their participation in Orientation Serves.


Charity Sophs are responsible for empowering incoming students and encouraging them to give back to the London community. Orientation Serves is an opportunity for students to learn more about London and volunteer their time during OWeek. 

Groups of students will be partnered with organizations on the day of the event, and spend the day learning about their impact on the community. Every year participants have the chance to tackle important, interesting and innovative projects that help partner organizations achieve their goals. Students typically depart campus around 12:30pm and return to campus about 4:00pm.

Community Partners

Orientation Serves marks the first volunteering opportunity for Western Students. Through collaboration with community partners, thousands of students can volunteer for the afternoon. You will have access to a large pool of volunteers to help you accomplish long-term plans, standing volunteer opportunities, and prepare for the rest of the year. 

What better way to build bridges between Western and the community than to start week one?

If you have an event or idea of how you’d like to use student volunteers, please submit a request at the link below. Note, it is our hope that organizations would be able to take a bus of students (40-45 students). 

If you do have an incredible idea, and it doesn’t necessarily need an entire bus full of students, then send us a message and we will work to find a way to accommodate.

If you have an idea and would like to use a specific group of students (ex. music, science, etc.) let us know and we can likely accommodate!

We know coming up with ways to engage so many volunteers all at once can be a challenge. If you’re intrigued, but struggling to come up with ideas, we’re happy to meet and brainstorm possibilities for collaboration, just send us a message!

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